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Just barely escaping from the caves alive, the group all stopped to catch their breaths from the long chase. Gandalf began a head count until he came to notice Bilbo was missing. Everyone was trying to figure out when he was last seen and Nori spoke up mentioning he thought he saw him slip away when you all first got cornered by the goblins. Gandalf demanded to know what happened clearly upset that the group hadn't kept better tabs on its burglar.

Thorin was fast to accuse Bilbo of running off when he had his chance unaware the hobbit was just in the midst of trying to regroup. He froze when he heard Thorin's claims.

"We will not be seeing our hobbit again" Thorin told the crowd with certainty. Your eyes lowered to the ground wishing it weren't true but there was no sight of him and the last thing you remembered was him trying to sneak off in the night. The company took a moment to process this and found it slightly upsetting. Bilbo saw everyone's disappointment and knew this was his chance to finally put an end to all the doubt. The silence was interrupted when Bilbo appeared from around a tree catching Thorin off guard. "No. He isn't" came his committed voice.

"Bilbo Baggins! I've never been so glad to see anyone in my life!" smiled Gandalf along with you and a few others. There were many questions to be asked and Gandalf was the only one to notice Bilbo slip something into his pocket. It appeared he wasn't the only one in this group hiding something. "Well what does it matter, he's back" commented Gandalf drawing the attention away from the question. "It matters, I want to know. Why did you come back?" urged Thorin looking at Bilbo inquisitively. Bilbo took this as a chance to confront Thorin about his doubts in him and that he was right, he missed his home and everything in it. "That's home, and that's why I came back. You don't have one" he explained from the heart. Your eyes lowered to the ground thinking back to your hometown that you hadn't seen since you were practically a child. He was right, everyone here was a drifter and you could tell Bilbo's words meant a lot to the group.

Without much warning, through the fog came a chilling sound of howls just up from the hill. Recognizing it was the call of wargs in the distance Gandalf was quick on ordering everyone to run.

The wargs came jetting down the mountain chasing you all towards not only a dead end but a cliff. Seeing there wasn't much further to run the group panicked. You all knew you needed to get off the ground so the trees were everyone's first go-to.

Just upon their arrival the group was already hurrying up the trees to avoid being torn apart. You rushed towards the nearest tree being the furthest from the cliff and nearest to the wargs. Jumping up you swiftly caught onto a stern branch and pulled yourself atop to temporary safety before continuing to climb higher. Fili's eyes filled with severe worriment when he saw the wargs approaching since he couldn't see where you had vanished off to before he was forced to climb. Bilbo just barely made it off the ground himself since he seemingly froze in the situation.

Upon reaching a decent height that's when you noticed everyone else had climbed further trees meaning you were alone in this situation.

The wargs dashed towards the trees and began to jump from the bases ripping and tearing off branches with their rugged fangs. Not much longer they advanced to trying to tear down the trees themselves. This created an inner panic for everyone forcing you all to climb higher. Once Fili was in an elevated area he straight away scanned around in terror since he could not spot you.

It didn't take long for the wargs to find method in knocking them down and yours being nearest was their first target. The wargs below aggressively struck at the base causing it to forcefully shake. Another hard thrash caused your tree to tremendously tip over to one side and the only thing keeping the tree from the ground was one last weakened root. This abrupt action caused you to lose balance and to great distress fall from the branch you stood upon. Plummeting from a great height you felt that terrible sensation in your stomach and just hardly caught the last branch before the ground. Looking down you wheezed in terror having your vulnerable legs dangling down like bait to the wargs.

Fili only just spotted you in time to see you holding on for life and yelled out to you in complete terror over the situation seeing that you were too far to help. Being in the same tree as Fili, Bilbo noticed your helpless situation and felt he could hardly watch. That last root in the ground sustaining your tree's weight released an alarming snap before it crashed to the ground with you underneath it. Both Fili and Bilbo looked like ghosts from the utter shock of what looked like your sudden death while Azog grinned. Now that your tree was out of the way his vile eyes had a clearer view of Thorin.


Slowly drifting in and out of consciousness your body began to register a lot of pain. Weakly shifting to look around you noticed the branches had partially saved you from being crushed though they also trapped you from moving. You were fortunate enough to not have broken bones but your ribcage had been seriously bruised. Too weak to even stay conscious you slipped back into the darkness unaware of the wargs thrashing about in attempt to reach you. The branches kept you shielded from them and seeing you fall limp they fastened their attention back to the dwarves returning to the main attack. Every tree that was knocked down forced the dwarves to jump to the next until there was only one remaining by the cliff's edge. Everyone was now hanging in the last tree as the wargs surrounded below.

Fili was still in a state of shock and Bilbo noticed trying to place a supportive hand on his shoulder. Fili chose not to accept it though since he needed to see the body to believe it.

Seeing the wargs were about to knock them off the cliff Gandalf grabbed a pine cone and used a flare of magic to start a flame. Passing around the blaze through other pine cones everyone was encouraged to throw them down to scare off the wargs with fire.

The strong sent of burning wood filled the air and the smoke started to slowly pour in over your motionless body. The last tree began to tip over but was caught by a few remaining roots just as yours had done. Everyone lost their balance from this and Ori slipped from his branch catching Dori by the leg and the longer he clung on Dori felt like he'd be going down soon too.

Fili didn't remove his eyes from where he last saw you fall. After some time both Kili and Bofur had noticed you were absent and glanced around beginning to worry over your disappearance. The rest were still unaware since you had fallen so quickly and they had been so distracted by the wargs that they hadn't witnesses your fall. Pretty quickly there was a large fire ablaze and the wargs were cowering away in fear of the flames.

Dori cried out to Gandalf unable to hang on any longer. Just as his fingers slipped Gandalf acted quickly reaching his stick out for Dori to grab and caught him just in the knick of time. He struggled to hold their weight although he already had a plan since he sent for the eagles help earlier without anyone's noticing.

Thorin's threatening eyes met the glare of Azog who easily mirrored the hatred. Thorin suddenly rose up oak and sword in hand as he walked down the trunk of the tree and through the fire towards his enemy. He tuned out all the protests in the background since his focus was only on one thing; revenge for his grandfather. The two charged to battle each other but Azog had the upper hand with his warg. Thorin seemed to be losing this fight. Dwalin yelled out and wanted to aid his friend but his branch busted off so he had to quickly grab onto a new branch to avoid falling from the cliff.

The next thing everyone knew Thorin was in the jaws of the white warg and had now been tossed onto a flat rock like a toy. Azog then ordered one of the other orcs to retrieve his head. Seeing Thorin in the hands of death altered something inside of Bilbo. After losing you, he wasn't ready to just watch as another life was taken.

Thorin lye there on his back moments from having a blade over his neck when Bilbo jumped in knocking the orc away. He then stood between Thorin and the pale orc with Sting in hand. Azog reacted with both amusement and annoyance for seeing such a small creature daring to stand up to him. Azog spoke in Barad-dûr to the other orcs ordering for Bilbo to be killed.

An orc atop a warg slowly approached Bilbo ready to strike when all the other dwarves came charging in to fight and defend. Seeing Bilbo's act of bravery encouraged them to follow in his footsteps. A large battle took place between the lot of dwarves, wargs, and orcs.

When Fili felt his chance he hurried for your tree. He searched around without much luck until on the corner of his eye he spotted your bruised hand through the thick mass of branches. When he noticed how hauntingly lifeless it looked he felt his insides twist but he still wouldn't give up. He forcefully hacked at the sharp branches with one of his swords to clear the way to you. As he got closer his worry only intensified cause you hadn't even slightly moved. Acting faster to get through the branches he finally cleared enough room to reach you. Making sure no wargs or orcs were near he reached in and firmly grabbed ahold of your small figure sliding you out from under the tree.

He dropped to his knees and pulled your upper half close to his chest. You appeared so frail and there were numerous scratches all over you from the sharp branches.

Hearing the call of what sounded like an eagle startled him when he looked up seeing the night sky was full of giant eagles aiding in the fight. They swooped down striking the wargs and chasing away any that could still run. Fili looked back down at you as you still lye unmoving in his arms while the eagles began to grab members of the company and glide off. Gently he lifted you into his arms and though his expression looked stern his vision was blurring.

The gentle expression on your face pierced through his heart like an arrow. Your arms and smooth (h/c) hair dangled down gently moving along in the wind as you hung helplessly in his arms. Kili was in the midst of fighting until an eagle swept down chasing away the wargs before grabbing him. Another eagle swept down to Thorin who lay there unconscious and clutching him with it's huge claws it then soared away. Azog saw this and his mind was filled with wrath. One spotted Fili standing with you in his arms and instead of grabbing him it landed and lowered in a manner that suggested he climb onto it's back.

Fili paused unsure of trusting the creature but not having much other choice he carefully brought you with him atop the beast before it released an ear-piercing call and soared off the ground. Gandalf was the last one remaining when he himself jumped off the tree landing perfectly on the back of another eagle just as the tree completely tipped over finding it's way down the cliff.

Fili held you close to his chest looking down at you in hopes you might still wake. Happening to glance up ahead he spotted his unconscious uncle in the claws of one of the eagles. He shouted Thorin's name but there was no response. He began to fear he had lost his uncle as well. His specialty was weapons and fighting, not healing which made him feel powerless over the situation.

The eagles brought the company a safe distance away from all the dangers of the orcs and wargs as the sun began to rise creating the most alluring sight.  

As the eagles dropped everyone off Gandalf hurried to Thorin who lay on the ground appearing lifeless. He checked his condition and with some magic brought him back to consciousness. As soon as he was awake Thorin got onto his feet. Both Kili and Dwalin tried to assist but he shrugged them off not wanting to appear weak.

Bilbo was expecting Thorin to be thankful but instead he seemed rather angry with him even after he saved his life. Thorin yelled at him for nearly getting himself killed. "Did I not say that you would be a burden." A few of the dwarves lowered their heads feeling sorry that Thorin was always so harsh on him. "That you would not survive in the wild. That you had no place amongst us." came his harsh words and everyone saw Bilbo's eyes drop to the ground. Everyone fell silent when Thorin suddenly changed and admitted "I've never been so wrong" before he pulled Bilbo into a sudden hug. This took everyone by surprise especially Bilbo who felt a great weight off his shoulders for finally earning the respect of Thorin.

He hugged back and they said a few words causing a couple chuckles from the dwarves until Thorin's smile dropped catching sight of his nephew who stood by the back behind the rest. His face was pale and Thorin's eyebrows furrowed when he looked down noticing that he held what looked like your lifeless body.

He wondered what on middle earth had happened and guilt washed over him wondering if this could have been avoided if he weren't so focused on revenge with Azog. When Thorin turned so did everyone else.

As they all caught sight of your body everyone was equally as startled. Fili couldn't even manage to lift his head or make eye contact with anyone almost as if he were holding back tears.

Your breath was so light it appeared to the eye that you weren't breathing at all and Bofur was the only to notice it. Even Fili had begun to lose hope for you and could feel his heart slowly breaking the more he looked down at you wishing to see you smile one last time. There were a few gasps followed by worried questions and comments as others lowered their heads with sadness. Thorin quickly strode over and watched how Fili never took his eyes off you. He sighed and placed a supportive hand on Fili's shoulder since there weren't really any words.

Thorin stood in silence slowly looking down at your tranquil face disappointed your life had to be wasted. Having blacked out himself he wondered what had taken place. Thorin knew this would have a deep effect on his nephew in a negative way whether it be inner anger or depression.

Bofur quietly came up from behind to peer over his shoulder and break the silence. "Ye' know she's still breathing right?.." Asked Bofur double checking. Thorin nearly jumped out of his skin not knowing Bofur was so damn close to him. Bofur just raised his eyebrows surprised of his reaction and peered around noticing all eyes were now on him for not saying something earlier. Even Fili had looked up. Thorin leaned in towards you to get a better look and when he realized Bofur was right he called Gandalf over straight away.

Gandalf hadn't noticed the situation since he had been admiring the view of the mountain in the distance. The moment he saw something was going on he quickly pushed through the crowd to reach you. He was startled when he saw you down as well since he hadn't expected there to be more than one injured member.

Bofur backed up to move out of the way while receiving some looks from a couple dwarves that he didn't understand. He bumped right into Kili who was slightly scowling at him. "What's with the face?" asked Bofur looking at him. "What do you mean what's with the face, you know what the face is for." He sharply replied giving Bofur's shoulder a light whack with the back of his hand and giving him a look. "What was that for?" Asked Bofur confused by his behaviour. "What do you mean what was that for, you know exactly what that was for." "No I don't?" Bofur responded looking at Kili bewildered. The two continued to bicker in the back over Bofur's obliviousness as the rest of the dwarves surrounded you with hopeful eyes.

When Gandalf got a better look at you a smile came to his face and Fili furrowed his brows looking up to him just wanting to know if you were alright or not. Gandalf's eyes met Fili's and he placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder giving him the message to relax. "She's only unconscious" he smiled. "Just some deep bruises and scratches by the looks of it" he drifted looking down at you coming to wonder what exactly did happen to you since he had been so focused on keeping Ori and Dori from falling off the cliff.

Gandalf lightly placed his hand over your head and whispered some words just like he did with Thorin before he retrieved his hand. Fili loosened up the moment Gandalf reassured him you were fine but he was still a little concerned about the damage you took and whether you'd be in significant pain or not.

Balin felt sorry that harm came your way and wished to himself it didn't happen again since you were a delight to have around. There was silence as everyone stared at you with hope burning in their eyes. Your eyes flickered open and slowly looking up you noticed enormous eagles flying away in the pinkish sky. You were amazed at the sight not thinking you'd ever get to see them in your time.

You smiled when you saw Fili holding you and in that moment you knew he was the one that pulled you out of the wreck. Relief spread across Balin's face and he folded his hands behind his back pleased to see you awake. Dwalin slowly turned giving Bofur and Kili a deadly look feeling peeved by their continuous babbling in the background. "Kili! Bofur! ..Quit yer' bickerin' before I come over there and hit yer' empty skulls together.." He threatened under his breath. Bofur and Kili went quiet not wanting to test Dwalin and when they realized you were awake they watched in wonderment while Dwalin became less tense.

You could feel the pain beginning to throb around your ribcage and various spots though you kept a good spirit despite feeling so frail.
Gandalf felt glad to help when he saw your bright eyes flicker open and he backed up giving the two of you space as Fili carefully placed you back on your feet. Unable to stand on your own just yet your legs nearly gave way but a strong arm caught around your side pulling you back before you could embarrass yourself or worry anyone further.

Luckily no one except Fili had noticed your knees about to buckle and you lightly smiled at a couple worried faces reassuring them you were fine. Kili was gratified by your recovery knowing his brother couldn't quite function if you hadn't.  

Your eyes met a pare of deep blue ones realizing Thorin was standing right by you. "Glad to see you made it out a live" he spoke with a smile which slightly shook you since Thorin hardly ever smiled so you thought something really dramatic must have happened if Thorin were to be smiling. His eyes flickered to Fili with a proud manner before his attention was brought to the mountain in the distance. Even though it was just a small glance it meant a great deal for Fili to see his uncle proud of him.

Bilbo was delighted to see everyone back to normal and couldn't help but stare out at the lonely mountain deep in thought. "I do believe the worst is behind us" he said with a relieved sigh. Everyone directed their gaze towards the view feeling the journey finally paying off from how close the mountain was. You leaned your head restfully on Fili's shoulder and he kissed your head as the two of you appreciated the captivating view.

There was a mention of a bird and Gandalf couldn't help but correct them on which breed it was while Thorin smirked at Bilbo at last respecting the halfling. "We will take that as a sign" Thorin responded.
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