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Lost Memories Part 10 (FilixReader)
Once you all arrived into the kingdom you were all sent straight to lockup. Fili kept looking to see where you were and once spotting you he tried to make his way over. He was hoping to get thrown in the same dungeon but one of the elves stopped him. Rather than putting him with you he instead pushed him into a lone cell. You were locked up on your own as well while most of the others got paired up. Still having your hood up you remained well hidden below your silver cloak. You feared recognition for personal reasons and not to mention accusation of betraying Thorin.
You feared Thorin might think you were a spy all along or something dark. Legolas strode past your cell and you turned away from him which caught his interest causing his eyes to narrow now beginning to wonder who you were and why you were so concealed. He stopped and stared into your cell standing there like a statue. You slowly looked to see if he had gone but turned away fast seeing he was still there. "Why do you cover
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Into the Woods Part 9 (FilixReader)
The company departed from Beorn's halls with the help of the ponies he lent which brought you all the way to the edge of Mirkwood. Upon arriving at the western eaves everyone unsaddled their ponies and as told earlier by Beorn we were to just set them free as they knew their own way back.
Just as everyone was beginning to do as followed that's when Gandalf ordered for the others to leave his horse. You all froze realizing he was splitting up with the group for the second time around. While the company was upset over the fact that he was leaving you were too busy looking fixedly into the familiar forest.
You felt extremely uncomfortable even being in the vicinity and it made you nervous not wanting to cross paths with anyone from your past. "Y/n?" came Bilbo's concerned voice noticing how anxious you looked. You turned to him concealing your nerves and quickly sputtering out something random to change the subject before it could even be brought up. Thorin seemed to notice this and he fe
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A Close Encounter Part 8 (FilixReader)
It was during the hours of darkness as everyone was hushed because the orc pack was near and had been on the hunt from the instant the goblin king first sent out word back in the Misty Mountains. Much time had passed since being dropped at the carrock and you were feeling somewhat stronger. You were all kneeling behind some large rocks waiting on Bilbo's return. The others had sent him to go catch sight of how far off the orc pack was since he was the smallest and least likely to be sighted.
Bilbo hurried back and Thorin was eager to know how close the pack was. "Too close, only a couple of leagues but that's not the worst of it" he said trying to warn you all of something else out there but everyone wasn't listening. Bilbo got frustrated by everyone and demanded they listen. Gandalf seemed to have an idea of what Bilbo might be trying to describe. "What form did it take…like a bear?" he narrowed his eyes. Bilbo seemed surprised that he knew. Everyone spoke out trying to come up
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Crushed Part 7 (FilixReader)
Just barely escaping from the caves alive, the group all stopped to catch their breaths from the long chase. Gandalf began a head count until he came to notice Bilbo was missing. Everyone was trying to figure out when he was last seen and Nori spoke up mentioning he thought he saw him slip away when you all first got cornered by the goblins. Gandalf demanded to know what happened clearly upset that the group hadn't kept better tabs on its burglar.
Thorin was fast to accuse Bilbo of running off when he had his chance unaware the hobbit was just in the midst of trying to regroup. He froze when he heard Thorin's claims.
"We will not be seeing our hobbit again" Thorin told the crowd with certainty. Your eyes lowered to the ground wishing it weren't true but there was no sight of him and the last thing you remembered was him trying to sneak off in the night. The company took a moment to process this and found it slightly upsetting. Bilbo saw everyone's disappointment and knew this was his c
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Into the Caves Part 6 (FilixReader)
At first everyone was focused on covering ground instead of chatting. You weren't walking with Bofur or Fili, instead you oddly ended up at the front with Thorin. After reaching a fair distance the group became a little more chatty and you were now walking with Bofur since Thorin wasn't much of a conversationalist although you did manage to get a few smirks out of him which took a lot of effort. It wasn't long before you and Bofur were snickering over things but it was mainly just you giggling since Bofur had a lot of funny stories to share. Fili was conversing with Kili but occasionally he'd glance back at you and Bofur with a suspicious smirk wondering what was so funny.
You were all headed for the mountains and the closer you got the more the temperature dropped. To your advantage your jacket was light yet very warm so you weren't too effected by it. Thorin kept at the front as the group carefully trudged in single file trying not to think about how far down the fall would be if one
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Recollection Part 5 (FilixReader)
The time had come where it was time to depart and continue on in your journey. You were having difficulty leaving Rivendell since it was so peaceful and beautiful reminding you of a place you once knew but chose to forget. Currently Gandalf was in a another meeting this time with the white council and it seemed he was serving as a distraction while you, Bilbo, and the dwarves snuck away having a head start.
As you're packing your things on the corner of your eye you see movement of an elf approaching. In alarm you quickly kicked your things beneath your bed to cover the fact that you and the group were preparing to quietly slip out of Rivendell. As the elf approached you recognize it's the dark haired she-elf you bumped into by accident earlier. You stand stiffly finding it difficult to not act suspicious seeing that she literally caught you at the wrong moment. She approached in a way that made you envy not just her but all elves since they were always so graceful and admirable. You g
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Drew this as a gift for my cousin's fiancé
Once you all arrived into the kingdom you were all sent straight to lockup. Fili kept looking to see where you were and once spotting you he tried to make his way over. He was hoping to get thrown in the same dungeon but one of the elves stopped him. Rather than putting him with you he instead pushed him into a lone cell. You were locked up on your own as well while most of the others got paired up. Still having your hood up you remained well hidden below your silver cloak. You feared recognition for personal reasons and not to mention accusation of betraying Thorin.

You feared Thorin might think you were a spy all along or something dark. Legolas strode past your cell and you turned away from him which caught his interest causing his eyes to narrow now beginning to wonder who you were and why you were so concealed. He stopped and stared into your cell standing there like a statue. You slowly looked to see if he had gone but turned away fast seeing he was still there. "Why do you cover yourself?" He asked calmly. You looked to the ground in distress fearing he might try to unveil you.

Only Gandalf knew about you and Legolas but he was elsewhere and it was he who warned you to keep this a secret cause of Thorin's grudge against the woodland elves. At the moment his hate was probably at its peak for being locked away in their jail cells. For that reason, discovering you had a past with the kings direct son would make him furious. You avoided even speaking since you knew he would recognize your voice straight away. There was a short silence until Legolas broke it. "Fine" he stated before turning and patrolling off not feeling the need to waste time on someone so uncooperative.

Fili knew which cell you'd been thrown in and had noticed one of the elves speaking to you. He listened in curiously wondering what was going on. He did begin to wonder why you were acting so strange ever since the Mirkwood elves interfered. He and a couple others attempted to break out of their cells until Balin spoke up telling them that nothing could get out without the king's consent. All their hopes lowered knowing they might not reach the mountain in time.

You sighed resting your head in your hands as the memories started to replay in your mind.


You were only 9 at the time as you crossed through the dangerous forest alone. You had run away from home and it was evident that you'd been crying. Your focus was just getting as far away as you could but at this point you were completely lost and a little on edge thinking of what lurked in the shadows. Your sister had always warned you not to enter these wild woods..

Legolas happened to be a short distance away following a suspicious trail when he happened upon a necklace that clasped a blue gem sitting in the dirt. Puzzled from where it came from he slipped it into his pocket and continued to follow the trail.

Hearing sounds of something close-by he quickly raced up a tree to get a better view of what he was tracking. Standing upon a sturdy branch prepared to jump down and attack he was caught off guard seeing it was just a lone girl. He watched with curious eyes as you determinedly trekked through the forest with tear stained cheeks.

"Where are you going young girl?" Came a flat voice frightening you out of your thoughts. Your eyes tried to search around to locate where the voice came from but couldn't spot anyone or thing. You had heard many tails of the dangers that lurked in this forest and all its trickery. Being just a kid you thought they were just tall tails to keep kids out of the woods but here you were starting to believe them.

Triggering fear you drew out your bladed boomerang that your sister gave you as you glanced around the suspicious forest though things were silent. "Do you really know how to use that tool?" Feeling nervous you continued walking trying to ignore the questions. "Are you alone?" Began the voice again. "No.." you answered trying to stride faster. "You're a bad liar" came the voice that suddenly drew nearer to your alarm. Legolas swiftly walked among the branches high above you following while continuing to ask questions as you wandered. It was until he asked you why you were crying that you froze and cast a look to the ground. Just as you turned a figure dropped down swiftly from the trees landing directly in front of you.

Completely startled you practically tripped backwards in response but his hand caught your wrist steadying you. You looked up at the stranger afraid as he towered over you still holding your wrist. Both of your eyes locked and it was then that you noticed he was an elf. Out of stupidity and panic you swung your bladed boomerang to try and clip him so he'd let go but he easily evaded it before he spun you around twisting your arm in the process. You released a small cry of pain. "That was not wise" he frowned. You flinched expecting him to finish you off but instead he released you proving he wasn't a threat. "My name is Legolas" he calmly spoke. "What is yours?" he waited for a response but you didn't answer due to wariness. He sighed. "In time I suppose.." You watched as the stranger suddenly began heading off and after a fare distance he stopped to turn back. "Are you coming or not?" he asked implying that you follow.


Having a seat you leaned your back against the bars knowing you were all going to be here a while. Kili was still in the midst of being thrown into his cell when he stopped to look at Tauriel. "Aren't you going to search me? I could have anything down my trousers" he inquired smugly catching her off guard. "Or nothing" she ridiculed before closing him in. Overhearing what she said you giggled at their conversation to yourself. She finished locking Kili's door and walked past your cell noticing your laugh sounded very ladylike. She was slightly taken by surprise to discover a woman amongst the company since you managed to conceal your identity so well.

She stood in front of your cell perceiving you just as Legolas had previously done and you could feel her presence behind you. "What is your name?" She at last asked in a calm voice. You of course wouldn't answer and remained facing the other way. "You know it's very dangerous for a woman to be travelling out here" Her comment made you uneasy since she already figured out that much about you although you played it smugly. "I think the same could be said about you" you smiled to yourself.

Both Kili and Fili heard your comment. Kili chuckled to himself entertained by you and even though Fili fought a smile he still wondered why you were acting strange.


After Legolas had brought you in under his wing he made up his mind to train you since it was the finest knowledge he thought he give you. Legolas was all you had left in your life since you ran away from your sister and the rest of your family had already been long dead. At that point in your life you were feeling quite depressed so he wanted to take that negative energy and put it towards something useful. As many years travelled past you became a strong woman that was keen on defending herself.

Legolas always made sure to test you by adding tension to the training to see how you would react under pressure. At times you found yourself questioning his tactics since a couple times he put you in harms way but you knew he did it because he wanted you to be able to protect yourself if he ever wasn't there to do it himself.

He placed a sword in your hands as he grabbed his two blades ordering you to defend yourself. You looked down at the sword and back up at him slightly shocked since this was your first time holding such a weapon. He caught you off guard immediately starting to wave his blades forward advancing on you fast forcing you to quickly block his attacks to your best ability. You looked off to the side for a moment noticing a slumped over tree and sprinted for it as he chased after you.

You found yourself jumping and running across branches as fast as you could and he followed with ease. You managed to escape his sight as you hid away waiting for him to slowly draw nearer. You successfully snuck behind him and aimed the sword at the back of his head quietly. He was in the midst of gazing around in search of you when he felt a small prick at the back of his neck and smiled. He slowly turned to face you and you could tell today's training session was over since you had him impressed. You were out of breath as you lowered the sword and tried to hand it back. He didn't move to grab it he instead kept his eyes on you proudly.

"It's yours" he stated which shocked you. You looked at him then down at the sword amazed that he was allowing you to keep it. "It's time you started using a real weapon" he added referring to your boomerang that you kept. You felt honoured and immediately hugged him for it which startled him though he warmly returned it. The two of you slowly pulled away feeling an initial attraction out from the blue. You were both quiet a moment in reaction to that unexpected feeling until you smiled sheepishly. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow" you stated thinking it'd be best to head back now. He took a moment before he slowly nodded. "See you tomorrow" he repeated as his eyes followed you.


Tauriel was not offended from what you said, instead she smiled. "Show me your face" she continued. "That, I cannot do." you breathed lowly not wanting the others to hear. "And why is that?" she stepped closer intrigued. For a moment you thought you might tell her, but knowing the consequences you sighed deciding to remain quiet and hold back.

She lingered for a moment reaching her hand through the bars out towards the tip of your hood. She was ready to yank it back and reveal your identity when something came over her stopping her from doing it and she retracted her arm with respect. She glanced towards Kili's cell before quietly walking off. You sighed once more feeling like all the dwarves had heard your conversation but luckily only Fili and Kili had caught a few words.


Thorin was brought to King Thranduil who proposed an offer regarding the white gems in the Lonely Mountain which Thorin shot down. His revulsion took over and he disrespected the elven king dooming us all to be locked away forever. You couldn't help feel uneasy about it aware his stubbornness might damage this journey. Balin shook his head in disappointment since Thorin spoiled our only chance of escaping though Thorin still had hope in Bilbo. You dreaded the fact because the longer you guys remained here the more likely Legolas was to find out about you. Your hood could only mask you for so long.


You remembered on one particular day Legolas took away your sword to see how you would react without one. He seemed more aggressive that day like he really wanted to test you since you had gotten so good with wielding the sword. "At times you will be without a weapon in a fight, it's up to you to figure out how to survive" he stated in a dark voice which intimidated you. You had little time to react before he started swinging at you using your sword against you without mercy. You did your best to evade his swings until you spotted a nearby branch and quickly grabbed it to help shield against his attacks. The sword easily chopped away at the branch bit by bit leaving you with nothing until you backed up a bit too much and lost your footing.

He quickly went to catch you recapturing his protective ways but he lost his footing as well practically landing on top of you. You were both out of breath and his face was inches from yours hovering over you earning a blush from your cheeks since he didn't move straight away and instead was looking at your lips with the slightest tinge of desire. He hesitated before he quickly got off and grabbed your hand pulling you back on your feet with a serious expression trying to keep you both on task. "Again" he stated pushing you to fight harder.


Fili's jail wasn't too far off from yours and the longer he watched you keep to yourself he became more and more eager to communicate with you or at least see your face as the hours passed. He was on your mind too and it saddened you to ignore him but you couldn't risk Legolas discovering you. You played with the necklace in your pocket as your mind travelled elsewhere.


In the duration of these years the two of you would train together every single day. You were standing alone in the elven halls waiting on Legolas so the two of you could start your usual session. Oddly enough he was late when normally you were the one running a little behind at times. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you felt your hair get lightly swept to the side and two familiar elven hands came over your head holding what looked to be a glowing necklace. He lightly tied it at the back of your neck and you could feel his hands linger for a moment before quietly dropping to his sides which sent a small shiver down your spine.

When you looked down at the necklace and picked it up from your neck you were at a loss of words. It was the necklace that you thought you had lost as a kid. "You dropped it in the woods where we first met" he said in response to your reaction. You continued to admire the necklace but what really caught your attention was the new enhancements. Surrounding the original blue gem, were small white gems of starlight that radiated their own light. "A small tweak of my own" he added watching you from behind with allured eyes. Your heart was warmed by this since the necklace was all you had left of your family. Knowing you had a mournful childhood he always found ways to bring back the happiness. Legolas had proven to be the most important person in your life but on account of always being in his company you began to have uncontrolled feelings for him.

You were stunned by it's beauty and a blush dusted your cheeks while trying to hide the affection. The stone looked of something a goddess would wear. You turned around and tightly hugged him pressing your head against his chest and you could feel his arms strongly wrap around you making that blush deepen. On the inside you were still quite startled over the fact that he just given you some of the most precious gems on Middle Earth.

When the two of you held on a little too long taken by the moment you both almost felt the desire to kiss but the sound of someone walking past came and he quickly released you. Your eyes lowered saddened by his actions and you knew that your fondness could not be returned for he was practically immortal while you were only human. Seeing your reaction he immediately regretted it and tried to say something but you jabbed his arm in a jest not wanting to dull the mood as you broke into a sprint towards the woods. An amused smirk appeared on his face as he chased after you so the two of you could commence your daily training session.


As time passed Bilbo crept around the place using the ring's invisibility to find the keys and a way to escape. After lifting the keys from the cellar he hurried back to the prisons to let you all out. Thorin smiled knowing he could count on Bilbo as he and everyone got released from their cells. Kili hurried to his brother happy to regroup then he tugged him to come along. Everyone hurried to follow Bilbo and you were hesitant to withdraw from your cell fearful that Legolas was nearby.

Cautiously you rose from the ground and peeked out scanning the area. When you finally withdrew from your cell everyone had already gone. Hearing something nearby you hurried down one of the many halls trying to guess where Bilbo and the rest had gone. Wandering in the wrong direction you came to realize you were alone in this situation.

You were careful so that each step you took was soundless as you neared another corner. Pressing yourself against the side of the wall you edged towards the corner to get a peek unaware part of your clothing had caught on something. Before you could even get your head around the corner you stopped when hearing the sounds of elves laughing with each other from that direction. You went to move but were stuck from your clothing. Agitated by this you were forced to tear your clothing in order to escape and as soon as you turned you slammed against someone's chest.

Your blood ran cold recognizing it was Legolas and that he must have quietly followed you. You immediately turned to run past him but he caught your wrist yanking you back and forcing you up against the wall. You flinched from the pain while terror washed over you afraid of how he'd react if he found out who you were under the hood. You tried your hardest to keep your head down so he wouldn't recognize you. His eyes narrowed as they studied you feeling like he knew you somehow.


Those desires back then were hard to cope with since they were both distracting and hard to hide. You knew there was little hope of Legolas returning your fondness so you just did your best to keep things secret. You had no idea how alluring you really were for Legolas and it took a lot restraint on his end to conceal it. He always saw it in your eyes how much he would disappoint you by hindering tender moments but for some reason he always withstood his own feelings.

Knowing there was only one way to fix the problem he tried to turn his attention elsewhere. One day you happened upon Legolas and Tauriel chatting in the distance and you could tell what was going on. This really hurt you and seeing them faintly flirting made your innards shatter feeling betrayed. You bolted away fighting tears as you quickly grabbed your things to leave unaware that Thranduil had observed this all from a distance. You finished gathering all your belongings when you froze upon spotting the sword Legolas had given you years back. After a moment of contemplating you quickly grabbed it before heading off.

You were just about to leave the kingdom when a deep voice brought you to a standstill. "You know he will only come after you" came cool a voice and when you turned you were startled to see it was King Thranduil himself approaching. You tried to pull yourself together and hide the tears but he knew all too well what had happened. "I don't want him to find me" you sniffed. He looked upon you with sympathy and wiped a tear from your pretty face. He didn't want for you to leave but he could tell from the look in your eyes you weren't looking to return.

"You'll have to travel far in order to succeed that my dear" he advised you seeing the only way he could help was to give you guidance. You looked to the ground in thought until an idea dawned upon you returning your sad gaze to the King. "Will you do me a favour?" you asked with pained eyes. "Anything" came his gentle voice. You felt remorseful about it but you knew it was the only way. "After a couple weeks of him searching…tell him your guards found me dead". The king's eyes widened for a moment from your shockfull request but understanding the circumstances he gave a slow bow. "As you wish". You gave him a sad smile as a thank you before he watched you take off.


Your nerves were screaming out since you were directly in the hands of the last person you wanted to run into. You wished you had been more careful and just hoped you didn't get the rest of the dwarves caught for being so foolish. His attention seemed to be more drawn on who you were though rather than how you escaped. You persisted to keep your head turned away from him so he couldn't see you. "Face me" he demanded firmly and you could feel his grip tightening around your wrist. Having him so close caused your body to tense up and you knew he was seconds from tugging your hood off.

"Let go of me!" you struggled out as he held onto you. Legolas was completely struck by the sound of your voice thinking for a moment it sounded familiar. Throwing him off guard you managed to slip out of his grasp and flee the opposite way as he froze like a statue. That voice sounded so much alike to one he hadn't heard in years. He knew it wasn't possible but the memory of you overtook his mind.


The company followed Bilbo as he lead them down numerous stair cases progressing deeper and deeper into the kingdom. "I don't believe it, we're in the cellars!" exclaimed Kili thinking this was a mistake. "I thought you were leading us out, not further in!?" questioned Bofur and before Bilbo could explain Bofur hushed him.

Bilbo proposed his plan wanting them all to climb into the barrels. Dwalin threw a temper as well did the others. Bilbo looked to Thorin for help knowing he needed a hand in convincing them. Thorin paused looking at Bilbo and decided to put his trust in him before ordering everyone to obey. "What do we do now?" asked Bofur once everyone had climbed into the barrels. Fili glanced around coming to notice you weren't even present. "(Y/n)'s gone!" he announced. Bofur and a few others started to get out of their barrels ready to go look for you but Bilbo quickly stopped them. Bilbo hushed their protests telling them he would find you himself so that they would ease down. Seeing his chance he quickly pulled the lever surprising them as their barrels tumbled into the river.

Tauriel came to discover the cells were empty and started demanding to know where the keeper of the keys went. She came to a stop when she happened upon Legolas who was completely zoned out looking ghostlike.  Shocked to see him that way she tried to ask what was wrong but he didn't answer as he was still shaken up. "It can't be.." he murmured more to himself than her.

"Legolas?" Tauriels' voice repeated trying to pull Legolas back to reality.

She tilted her head wondering what had him so caught up since she'd never seen him this way before. Suddenly she remembered to inform him that everyone had escaped but he didn't seem surprised since he already had a run in with one of the prisoners.

You came hastening down the halls and crashed straight into Bilbo who had been looking for you. The two of you tumbled down the stairs from the strong impact and crashed to the cellar floor. The sleeping guards almost awoke from this and you and Bilbo fell still as you both watched them with wide eyes. The elves sat up partially out of their sleep before they sunk back into their dreams too overtaken by the liquor to even function. Suddenly Bilbo pulled something from his jacket and placed it in your hands. Looking down at the object you were overjoyed to see your bladed boomerang which made you wonder how on Middle Earth he got it. He smirked knowing it'd make you happy but not saying anything he quietly tugged your sleeve to follow. He brought you to the middle of the cellar room which left you slightly confused since there was nothing there.

He started jumping and muttering about something not working while you watched perplexed. You both suddenly heard the guards yelling from up the stairs and you both backed up nervously when suddenly the floor shifted beneath from both your weight. The door tipped open causing you each to fall backward into the water. You nearly screamed from falling but Bilbo was quick to cover your mouth with his hand to avoid waking the guards.

Tauriel just came down the stairs in time to see the barrel door shut closed meaning you had all escaped.

The cold water struck you both and you discover Thorin and the rest had been holding onto the rocks waiting for you and Bilbo. Fili was about to say something but Bofur quickly pulled you into his barrel to squeeze in with him and Bilbo just clung onto Nori's barrel. "Welcome" announced Thorin and Bilbo just waved him off not particularly enjoying the situation nor wanting to hear about it. Thorin then released from the rocks and you all started to float down the river.

You all wafted down the speedy river and suddenly there was a drop ahead as you all tumbled down rolling around and coughing as the water soaked you all. Bilbo had the worst end of the stick being on the outside of Nori's barrel.


Legolas's mind kicked back in gear as he hurried through an outside door ordering another elf to shut the gate in elvish. The elf blew the horn as ordered which notified the guards at the far away gate to do so.

You all nearly escaped until the elves by the perimeter heard the horn and quickly shut the water's gate trapping you all again. Thorin yelled out frustrated by this and then suddenly everything fell silent when one of the elves was suddenly killed. You all look over startled as his body came crashing into the water. Looking up you all saw a bunch of orcs crawling off the nearby rocks and charging to attack the elvish guards. Orders were yelled in Barad-dûr and it appeared to be Bolg in charge who in turn must've been sent by Azog himself.

A war broke loose between the elves and orcs and you were all caught between them as they littered the place. One of the orcs tried to harm Nori but Bilbo quickly stabbed the creature with Sting defending him. Kili spotted the lever to the river's gate knowing what needed to be done. He managed to climb out of his barrel setting foot straight into the war's mess. Dwalin pitched him a weapon and he used it to kill off any orcs in his way. Bolg seemed to catch sight of Kili and his glowering eyes watched as he got closer and closer to opening the gate while fighting his way.

Having his brother's back Fili chucked one of his remaining swords instantly killing an orc that had approached Kili from behind saving him by mere seconds. You looked to Fili and shook your head smiling wondering how he managed to keep all these weapons hidden from the elves earlier. Bolg was given direct orders to kill all of you and seeing Kili was about to ruin his opportunity he drew his bow and aimed it sharply at him. Releasing the poisoned arrow it struck him directly in the leg jolting his body. Fili yelled out his brother's name and you covered your mouth seeing what happened. Kili attempted to complete the task but feeling the pain shoot through his body he fell onto his back. Thorin froze hearing Kili's cry when he fell and whispered his name knowing something bad must've happened though he couldn't see.

Another orc stepped towards Kili ready to end him when an arrow flew past killing the creature before it could move closer. Out of shock Kili jerked his head in the direction to see the one elf he was fond of had saved him. Tauriel was fast to be shooting arrows and waving about her blades to take down as many of the orcs. Bolg was peeved by this and quickly ordered for them to destroy the she-elf but Legolas appeared through the bushes interfering with his orders as he took down a bunch of his soldiers. Legolas had Thorin's sword in hand as he swung it around gracefully eliminating orcs.

Kili was still determined to help everyone escape so he used all his strength to reach up and grab hold of the lever and using his weight to aid him he pulled it down releasing you all down the river. Fili managed to hold his barrel and Kili struggled over and jumped back in. The arrow in his leg snapped off and he let out another shriek of pain which pulled Tauriel out of her thoughts as she looked over in concern. This nearly caused her to get killed for losing her focus and she had to kick an orc away before it nearly cut her.

You all poured down the river as the orcs came running after you all on the sidelines shooting arrows into your barrels which made you worry for Bilbo. Remembering your boomerang you quickly whipped it violently at any orcs that dared aim their bows near him since he was an easy target. Bofur raised his eyebrows seeing you knock out a bunch of orcs so viscously but he smiled at how useful you and your weapon turned out to be.

Tauriel, Legolas and a bunch of other elf warriors were left at the gates fighting off a swarm of orcs. They each hurried to follow and eliminate as much of the enemy as they could. The dwarves chucked around weapons to each other to strike any orcs that tried to leap at the barrels while you kept launching out your weapon each time it returned to you. Dwalin managed to kill an orc and steal it's axe to help hack at one of the branches over the river that a whole bunch of orcs were standing upon. Dwalin having the strongest swing chopped at the branch causing it to snap and all the orcs tumbled into the water.

There came a moment when an orc chucked an axe towards your head but Bofur reacted quick shoving you down and ducking himself just hardly dodging it. Another orc with a long tool dove at Bombur trying to strike him but a quick turn of the barrel caused him to miss lodging it into the barrel and suddenly that tool got caught in against an orc and rock. The tool acted as a pole vault launching Bombur's barrel out of the water to go tumbling down the hill. As his barrel went tumbling it crushed many orcs in the process which was slightly hilarious for a few of you that noticed. After killing a bunch of orcs and ruining his own barrel he had to hurry over the river and jump into a new one. The new barrel began to tip forward dunking him in the water but Dwalin and Thorin helped steady it for him.

Out of nowhere Legolas came round a corner and jumped midair shooting at an orc before landing onto the heads of Dwalin and Dori. There was a flash of silver as your weapon whizzed through the air and you swiftly caught it with ease. You were about to launch it again when from up ahead you spotted Legolas to your horror. You quickly shrunk into the barrel to hide and Bofur looked confused but you scolded him not to say a word yet he didn't really have time to ask or argue. Fili noticed Bofur was suddenly alone in his barrel and he panicked thinking you were out of the barrel fighting on land or even worse- drowning in the river.

Legolas began skillfully shooting down orcs with his arrows providing his aid in the fight. Dwalin was completely outraged from the elf's actions of standing on his head as well was Dori. Legolas leapt back onto the land to slay another orc before he cleared back towards the barrels using the dwarves' heads like jumping stones to get across the river and finish off the remaining orcs.

Reaching the top of the hill his blade unexpectedly got stuck in one of the bodies as another orc charged up from behind ready to strike when suddenly something happened. There was a sharp gust of wind as something whizzed past his ear before he turned and saw an orc land to his knees crippled with his neck cut open. Noting that there was no sign of who or what had done this he narrowed his eyes in confusion and glanced back at you all drifting away down the river.

Thorin had saw that you saved the elf before ducking back into hiding. You panted as you looked down at your trusty boomerang that was now dripping with the orc's blood. Though Thorin would have done the same to save the elf, it still irked him to know that you were somehow involved and hiding secrets from him.


Later after you all had escaped down river Legolas and Tauriel took back one of the orcs to King Thranduil for interrogation. Tauriel and the orc didn't get along so well and she nearly killed it until she got ordered to leave for getting in the way of the questioning. She looked at Thranduil before obeying his orders and little did the two know she was obeying beyond that seeing that she left the kingdom itself. She felt it was her responsibility to help Kili since she knew all too well of the poison laced in orc arrows and now was her chance to go save him. Legolas was unable to shake the thought of you from his mind even though he knew it couldn't be real.


As the sun arose Legolas waited in the usual spot you'd always meet at before training. He sensed something was off when you never showed up concern quickly got the best of him. He looked all over the kingdom distressed that he couldn't find you when lastly he checked upon your chambers. He froze with shock in the doorway as he saw that all your things were gone. His eyebrows furrowed trying to understand what made you leave when a voice cut in. "She's gone my son" came the king's voice.

Unsettled by the news he turned to give him quite the exasperated look for not telling him sooner. He was about to run after you but his father stopped him from leaving. "That girl has experienced more pain than most, if you have any care for her heart you will let her leave with what dignity she has left" he commanded knowing very well that his son had broken your heart and that by chasing after you it would only cause more pain. The King had grown to love you as a daughter and couldn't help but feel the slightest amount of regret for holding his son back.

Legolas put together from his father's words that you must've seen something he didn't intend and that it hurt you. Realizing this was all his fault he immediately hated himself for pushing you away since it hindered everything he had just fixed. He wasn't even sure if he could feel that way about Tauriel and now you were gone because of it.

The King knew that Legolas would only obey his commands for so long until the guilt would consume him forcing him to chase after you. But being trained by the master himself you knew how to skillfully cover your trail which frustrated him since there was hardly any signs to follow. He was still determined to find something, anything you could have missed but all he found were false trails. He would leave for weeks at a time to go out searching only to return empty handed. The longer this went on, the more his spirit sunk until one night upon returning he was surprised to see the King awaiting him.

His eyebrows furrowed questioningly as he approached his father. Thranduil steadily turned to face his son with a mournful look. "What is it father, what's wrong?" he asked in wonder though part of him was afraid to ask. "It's (y/n)" Legolas's face dropped and his insides twisted before his father could even finish. "She has perished" he hardly uttered before he went on to tell a believable story in order to convince his son. Legolas stepped back taking the news harshly. Thranduil watched his son's expression sink as he took full responsibility over all of this. He placed his hands on his head in sorrow before he walked off to be on his own. Thranduil sighed for having to lie to his son but he did it to protect you. He knew his son wouldn't quit otherwise so he had to bring this compulsion to an end.

Eventually Tauriel was there to slowly fill in the space, becoming his hunting partner but after losing you he had no intentions of loving another. He felt your death was on his hands and it haunted him everyday wishing he had just revealed his love for you instead of trying to deny it. From there on his personality hardened and he evolved into something much more stern and cold.


After him and his father had finished questioning the orc Legolas left the room still dwelling on the thought of you. He happened to walk past one of the doorways and he noticed some elves returning from the woods. They seemed to be chattering on about the spiders and he assumed they just came back from another run in with the nasty creatures. He came to a complete standstill when on the corner of his eye he thought he saw one of them holding onto a familiar sword.  

He shoved his way through the group towards the specific elf with urgency demanding to see the sword. The elves were all quite startled from his abruptness but they were in no position to disobey the king's son as the one elf complied placing the blade in his hands which confirmed his suspicions.

His eyes widened and he practically stumbled backwards in shock when he saw it was your sword. "Impossible" he breathed before he demanded to know where they found it. Startled they raised their hands saying they spotted it in the forest not far from where you all had fought against the spiders earlier. Seeing Legolas had zoned out again they all looked at him unusually before walking off. As Legolas looked down at the sword everything became hazy as he was almost certain it was you.

He had already lost you once he wasn't going to let you slip from his life twice. Knowing he had to go after you he packed his things bringing the sword along. Heading past the guards at the entrance they mentioned Tauriel already being gone and his first thought was the dark haired dwarf she kept speaking to earlier. Now that he had both yours and Thorin's swords he sheathed them before hastening to follow after her trail.


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